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Welcome to Eve Galaxy, your resource on Eve.

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May 21st 2002
Sorry for not updating the news lately but I had some things come up, but anyways, the forums are doing well as we have several posts. Good news today! E3 has begun! Expect to see some news from Eve-online and Eve Universe as we will probably get our first glimpses of the final Eve turnout. If you use the forums on this site, please read the thread about "Rudeness". Also, the Gamers.com forums are a little slow lately, so be patient! Thanks!
Administrator Draku  
May 14th 2002
Not much new today... Does anyone know how to put a password on a page through html? Or is there a way withought it? If you know, contact me at Draku@hotmail.com. If you help, I will make a credit for you on this site.
Administrator Draku
May 11th 2002
Suprisingly, I made the private board avaliable in one night! Remember to fill out the form and submit it if you would like to join thew private forum. Happy mother's day too!
Administrator Draku
May 10th 2002
Site is now viewable to public. Links to message boards will be added, but be patient. Also, the submission for the password for the "private" message board will come in about a week. Anyways, enjoy!
Administrator Draku

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Picture of the Week
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